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With Pagedip Sales Teams Sell Better Because They Have More Data.

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Know more. Do more.

Our in-document analytics means you’ll understand exactly which bits of content your readers find interesting (as well as which bits they don’t), and you can easily adjust and improve accordingly.

What our customers are saying...

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“Now we know which content works and which doesn't."

Director of Product Marketing
Fortune 100 Company
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“Pagedip's analytics made our sales documents smarter so we close deals faster."

VP of Sales
Fortune 100 Company
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“Pagedip settled the content performance argument with data."

VP of Product Marketing
Fortune 100 Company
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“The beauty of Pagedip is that it affords our clients the opportunity to consolidate their complex content from multiple sources into an easily accessible DIGITAL format."

Executive Retired
US Veterans Administration
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“Pagedip's ability to tell an exciting story, keep our customers engaged and on the page, and know exactly what is resonating hits all of our major needs."

VP Corporate Marketing
Spectra Logic

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Pagedip is changing ...

Sales Playbooks

A $160B SaaS company uses Pagedip to align sales and marketing using 150+ sales playbooks as interactive and measurable documents that are always up to date, mobile friendly, and, in the words of the client, “just plain better for everyone”. They said, “Pagedip solved the sales plays complexity problem, the update problem, the distribution problem, the searchability problem, the brand continuity problem, the messaging consistency problem, and most importantly, it added measurability where it didn’t even exist before.”

Engagement improves revenue outcomes, and enablement makes sales teams happy.

Marketing & Sales Collateral

A $39B managed cloud services company uses Pagedip to engage prospects in the sales funnel using 20 interactive and measurable documents (formerly PDFs and slides) that tell them exactly what’s working and what isn’t. The client said that Pagedip “sheds light on the black box in the mid-funnel ... where previously we had no clue if our collateral like solution briefs, white papers, business briefs, infographics, case studies, and buyers guides were engaging or effective ... the granular reader behavior data we gathered showed us exactly where to make changes to move prospects to the next step in the customer journey.”

ESG Reports

A $116B American multinational telecommunications conglomerate uses Pagedip to express its social and environmental justice mission and share its progress with employees, customers, and shareholders. Proprietary software was not usable outside the content creation team and required developer intervention to achieve some functionality. Using Pagedip democratized content creation enabled both access control and wider sharing and feedback. It also added measurability where only views and clicks had been measured.

Because you can see every user interaction[1] - what’s been read and for how long - you can hone your docs with an accuracy only dreamed of before. PDFs can’t give that information. Slides neither. And web analytics can only offer limited insights with views & clicks.


This is a Bink™ and this is just one example of the many popular and powerful functions of Pagedip.

Meet our happy dancers who are here to thank you for interacting with our content. With Pagedip at your side, you're going to be doing your own happy dance soon!

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Imagine not having to think about if you have the most up-to-date version. With Pagedip, it always is.

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Don’t give a second thought about your documents getting into the wrong hands. With Pagedip, you’re in total control of access.

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From page views to clicks and more. See how your content is performing quickly, easily and in real-time.

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Pagedip is entirely responsive, so no matter the device, your document will be at its brightest, however it’s viewed.


The future of collateral is here.

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